Best WordPress Plugins to Improve your Websites Load Time

Most of us need to speed up our WordPress website. This increases user interaction which even reduces the bounce rate. So to help you out from it below I have listed the best plugins which can improve your website’s load time.

Normally load time is depended on two factors. Most of the visitors these days are interested in making their work done faster. They just surf sites which load in few milliseconds. This can even state that a site with low speed can make you earn less revenue. Agree?

We all know that Google has taken a step ahead and always says that speed is one of the precious factors in its algorithm. We cannot think that Google being the world’s largest search engine will send its traffic to a low-speed site?

Due to a plethora reasons, Behind you might have made your business online with the help of WordPress. You might even work hard day and night to make a responsive, attractive website that proves your business. This proves that you never expect to make a delay. This now states that it’s your responsibility to make your WordPress site load faster. Don’t bother we are always ready to help you out. Below are the best plugins which helps you to improve your WordPress sites load faster:


#1 Use Google Libraries

Most WordPress themes are developed using JavaScript, Jquery, and other components. This makes the user download all these files on a visit to load the site. So you might know that all these files are hosted locally.

Instead of hosting the scripts locally, the Google Libraries plugin allows your site to use hosted versions of jQuery and other scripts on Google’s AJAX Libraries API. The upside is that it increases the chance that a user already has the files cached and takes a load off of your server, resulting in faster load time.

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The plugin makes you do nothing once installed and activated. It takes its own care. All you have to do is just install and activate it, That’s it!

Download Google Libraries

#2 WP-Optimize

Spammy comments, Post Revisions, and other extra stuff get stored on the server. These files use bandwidth and make your site load slowly. So it’s too important to clean these files regularly.

Wp-Optimize makes it easy to clean all the junk files. The plugin even cleans all the pingbacks and trackbacks too. This can improve HTTP performances. The best feature of this plugin is that it automatically clean all this stuff.


#3 EWWW Image Optimizer

Images play a precious role in managing your sites speed. One may use HQ images to attract visitors. Thus this results in a large size and makes page load slower. But we have no reason to bother about them when our sites are developed on WordPress. With the availability of millions of plugins, One can easily customize a WordPress site.

From those millions of plugins, EWWW Image Optimizer can make it a job well. The plugin is professionally developed in such a way to make all the images on the server compress to the best formats available.

Download EWWW Image Optimizer

#4 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance, reducing download times via features like content delivery network (CDN) integration.

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#5 WordPress Inspector

WordPress Inspector is a free online tool that tests your WordPress for speed, performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security.

It’s very important to regularly check your WordPress, and it’s theme and plugins to make sure your site performs better and is secure. WordPress Inspector does all of that for you.

Test Your WordPress Now >>

So what do you think about this guide? Hope you found this post useful. Do share your views in the comments box below.

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